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Tag Archives: recipes

Sewaiyon ka Zarda Recipe | Mazedar Zarda

Ingredients Vermicelli (sewaiyan) 1/2 kg Sugar 3 cups Water 1 cup Ghee 4 tbsp Almonds,pistachios 10 each,finly chopped Cardamoms 6,peeled and ground with 1 tbsp sugar Method Heat ghee in a pan,add cardamom when hot.Then add seweaiyan,stir quickly to cook evently.Remove to a dish.In another pan heat the water and …

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Khichdi Recipe | Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe

Ingredients Rice basmati 2 cups,wash and soak for 15-20 minutes Moong lentil 1 cup,wash and soak for 15 minutes Onions 2 medium finly sliced Salt to taste Oil 1/2 cup Water Method Heat oil and fry onion till golden brown. Drain rice and lentil and add to onions,Fry stirring constantly …

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Khichra Recipe | How to make Khichra | Best Recipe

Ingredients Mutton,beef or chicken 1 kg,boneless Moong lentil 1/2 cup with peel Masoor lentil 1/2 cup Chana lentil 1/2 cup Mong lentil 1/2 cup Wheat 1+1/2 cup Rice 1/2 cup Garam masala 1 tbsp Soda bicarbonat 1 tbsp Ingredients for garnish abd to serve separatly Mint 1 binch finly chopped …

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Fruit Chaat Recipe | Delicious Fruit Chaat Recipe

Ingredients Bananas 2 Apples 2 Pomegranates 2 Peaches 2 Grapes 20 large Melon 1 Lemons 3 Black paper 1/2 tsp powdered White paper 1/2 tsp powdered Chaat masala 1 tsp Water 1 cup Method Combine sugar and water in a stainless steel pan and heat till sugar dissolves. Remove from …

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Badami Dahi Baray Recipe | Special Food

Ingredients Maash lentil 1 cup, washed and soaked in hot water for 3-4 hour Moong lentil 1/2 cup washed and soaked in hot water for 3-4 hour Garlic 3 cloves Onion 1 small Ginger 1 tbsp finely cohpped Sonth 1/2 tbsp powedered Chaat Masala 1/2 tbsp Cumin seeds 1 tbsp, …

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Juicy Roasted Chicken Recipe | Best Eating Food

Ingredients Chicken 1 1/2kg,cleand and cut in to 8 pieces Yogurt 1 cup Lemons 3 Ginger/garlic paste 1 tbsp Black pepper 1 tbsp, crushed Salt to taste Oil 2 cups Method Beat yogurt, add ginger/garlic paste, salt and combine with chicken in a pan. Put the pan on low heat …

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Roast Beef Sandwiches Recipe

Ingredients Roast beef 8 slices Cheese 8 slices Carrots 3, choped finely Cabbage 1 small, finely chopped Lettuce few leaves,chopped fine White pepper 1 tsp Black pepper 1/2 tsp, crushed Sugar 1 tsp Butter 2 tbsp Mayonnaise 1/2 cup Salt to taste Bread 8 slices, lightly toasted Method Combine mayonnaise …

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Open Grilled Sandwiches Recipe

Ingredients Bread 1 large Chicken 1/2cup, cooked Cheese 1 cup, grated Milk 1 cup White flour 2 tbsp Black pepper 1 tsp, crushed White pepper 1 tsp, powdered Butter 1 tbsp Sugar 1 tsp Salt to taste Method Make a white sauce first. Heat half the butter, add white flour, …

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Easy Chicken Sandwich Recipe | Easy and Best Recipe

Ingredients Chicken 1 1/2 kg whole, washed and cleaned Bay leaf 1 Black pepper 4 Garlic 3 cloves, unpeeled Cabbage 1 medium Carrots 3 grated Capsicums 3 remove seeds and white pith, chop finely Spring onions 1 cup, chopped fine-do not use the white part Sandwiches bread 2 large, ask …

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