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Home / Racipes / Kheer (Rice Pudding) Recipe | Chawal ki kheer recipe

Kheer (Rice Pudding) Recipe | Chawal ki kheer recipe

Milk 2 letter
Rice 1/2cup,wash and soak for 15 minutes.then grind fine
Condensed milk 1 tin,397 g
Cardamoms 8 peel and grind seeds with 1 tbsp sugar
Almonds and pistachios few,peeled and finly chopped
Sugar 1 cup
Qalaqand 1 cup
In a large pan bring milk to a boil,lower heat,cook till it thickens slightly.Mix the ground rice with a little cool milk and alonge with the ground cardamom seeds and sugar.Stir constantly till rice is thoroughly and pistachios after 15 minutes and stir togather.Pour the kheer in a clay dish and let it set.Crumble the qalaqand on top,garnish with almonds,pastachios and silver paper(varq).Serve cold.
To prevent kheer from sticking to the bottom of pan,heat plain water in the pan to be used for making kheer,throw it out and then make kheer in it.

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